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The Physics of Shamanism 


From: `The Eagle’s Quest’
- A Physicist’s Search For Truth In The Heart Of The Shamanic World'

(from Earth People Volume 2 Number 3)

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Hypothesis 7. All Shamans work with a sense of higher power. 
For example: God, Creator, Great Spirit etc. Shamans mainly work with the earth and it's vibrations, sacred plants and sacred sites. Also the spirits of: North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. All of which are the manifestations of God etc.

Hypothesis 1. All Shamans see the universe as made from vibrations. 
Quantum Physics has proven that the basic building blocks of all matter in the universe are not any solid substances, but dynamic energy patterns. Therefore all forms are impermanent. Shamans use sacred songs, chants and rhythmic drumming to create changes in patients’ energy patterns and therefore bring harmony and healing. Chanting 'Wolf' in a sacred way can actually create (invoke) a real wolf to appear.

Hypothesis 8. Shamans use love and sexual energy as healing energy. 
This feminine energy of the universe is a creative and healing energy from the PHOTONIC BODY. (see article on Duality)

HEAVEN (ABOVE): Light, Love, Healing power and Inclusion (desire to join);  

MAN and Consciousness (WITHIN) orchestrating the dance between the other two pairs of opposites (see article on Duality).

EARTH (BELOW): Matter, Hate, Survival or death and Exclusion (desire to separate); 

Note also the Hebrew - Alph, Mem Sheen .
Dovid = Lover = Transfer of resonance and energy = From resonance to resonance or from resistance to resistance.

Hypothesis 4. Shamans use any device to alter a patient's belief about reality. 
This is particularly necessary for Westerners suffering the 'Human Condition' which is the superficial evasion of the real truth for our existence – integration, oneness or realisation of the finite in the infinite and the infinite in the finite.

Hypothesis 2. Shamans see the world in terms of myths and visions. 
This at first seemed to defy physics. But we must extend our beliefs beyond the four walls, ceiling and floor. There is a world of mythical and spiritual life, where time and space mean nothing, if only we learn to use our other five Mythical senses including intuition and imagination. All of reality is manifest or expressed as pairs of opposites and metaphors, but beyond this reality is beyond comprehension. The structures and phenomena we observe are creations of our measuring and categorising mind.

Hypothesis 3. Shamans perceive reality in a state of altered consciousness. 
Very much like a doctor of Western medicine sees his patient in terms of organs and chemicals, not as his friend Tom the truck driver. When very difficult problems occur a potion of Ayahuasca (vision vine) is used. This potion is very dangerous as it illuminates every part of the brain and memory at once. Thus you see and feel every event, past, present, and future simultaneously, including all the painful and hurtful ones that have been concealed over a long time. Shamans can also see patients in terms of vibrational energy patterns; belief systems or conscious thought patterns; mythological systems – spirit guides and totems; electrical systems – positive and negative chi; nutritional systems; or other energy systems, like auras, just to name a few.

Hypothesis 5. Shamans choose what is physically meaningful and see all events as universally connected. 
Holograms may explain the interconnectedness. The observer effect on or between two events; crossover of senses; and paths of least action are all important. All paths exist in parallel worlds. Consciousness of Mythical and parallel events can change and or reveal more reality.

Hypothesis 6. Shamans enter into parallel worlds. 
Shifting consciousness from Cronos to Mythos (see article on Duality, in Volume 1 Number 5, for an explanation). Although both are universally connected, only one is usually in full consciousness. Dreams and visions are visits to these other realms or worlds, and with all of reality these will be experienced and expressed in symbolic, metaphoric form which shamans are familiar enough with to help one access the messages from these realities. These other worlds are also related to what Carl Jung has termed the ‘Archetypes of the unconscious’.

Hypothesis 9. Shamans enter the death world to alter their perceptions in this world. 
When consciousness is on the body consciousness or subconscious survival level, as it usually is, and does not seem to be working, the mind's consciousness moves to others realms to find a place to continue it's survival. Thus creating visions and spirit journeys to the other worlds, but again they will be experienced and expressed in symbolic form, and with all myths, dreams, visions and channelling from these realms it is important not to get stuck with the symbol, but to transcend them to glean the messages. All shamans experience this death world as a part of their initiation, calling, or the vocational summons to the path of shamanism, as I have explained in the article on ‘Shamanism Volume 2 Number 1.


1. Plants and animals have powerful spirits. Knowledge and power can be derived from them.

2. To learn from these spirits, one must follow a strict diet and maintain sexual segregation.

3. These plants are tools for exploring the natural and supernatural realms.

4. There are dangers in these realms. A novice should use Ayahuasca only in the presence of an experienced Shaman.

5. A novice needs spirits and guides to protect him/her when they journey.

6. Dreams and visions may be manipulated by the Shaman.

7. There is a substance embedded in the Shaman's chest that has knowledge and power.

8. There is knowledge and power in the Shaman's songs.

9. Illness is due to the actions of evil spirits or evil sorcerers, and disharmony.

10.The spirit is pathogenic. It has a material manifestation, such as an insect or a piece of bone.

11.These spirits can be diverted by the Shaman's use of song, magic plants, and most important, the use of tobacco smoke.

For more on this subject, see ‘Consciousness’ article in Volume 1 Number 3, and ‘Duality and the order of life and energy’ in Volume 1 Number 5.

For a complete understanding of this subject I recommend you read Fred Alan Wolf’s book ‘The Eagle’s Quest – A Physicist’s Search for Truth in the Heart of the Shamanic World’. And I also highly recommend reading ‘The Tao of Physics – An exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism’, by: Fritjof Capra.


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