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The Mayan Factor

Information from: ‘The Mayan Factor – 
Path Beyond Technology’ By: Jose’ Arguelles

Development of Primary Being

Cyclic Family of the EAST: Place of Light and Generation. Colour: RED

1. IMIX (Pronounced: ‘EE – MEESH’)
Source of Life, Dragon, Primal Water, Blood, Nurturance, Breast, Mother Energy, Power of Birthing, Primal Trust, Primal Nourishment.
Direction: EAST: 
The Light Quickens into forms.

2. IK (Pronounced: ‘EEK’)
Spirit, Breath, Wind, Cosmic Energy, Inspiration, Vital Principle, Presence, Truth, Respiratory System, Simplicity, Unseen Forces.
Direction: NORTH: 
The Wind Purifies the Forms.

3. AKBAL (Pronounced: ‘ARK – BAHL’)
House, Enclosed Darkness, Night, Body, Place of Mystery, Serenity, Stillness, Heart and Internal Organs, Dreamtime, “Looks-within Place”.
Direction: WEST: 
The Forms Find Enclosure.

4. KAN (Pronounced: ‘KAHN’)
Seed, Idea, Ordering Power of Growth, Generative Principle, Creation, Opening, Sex and Reproduction, Fertile Ground, Gestation.
Direction: SOUTH: 
The Form Generates its Own Seed.

Cyclic Family of the NORTH: Place of Wisdom and Purification. Colour: WHITE

5. CHICCHAN (Pronounced: ‘CHEEK – CHAHN’)
Serpent, Nervous System, Reptilian Brain, Vitality, Passion, Desire, Motivation, Integration and Attainment of Autonomic Functions, Instinct, Creativity, Intimacy, Purification.
Direction: EAST: First (East) Lens
The Form Takes on Specific Being.

6. CIMI (Pronounced: ‘KEE – MEE’)
Death, World-Bridger, Revelation, Surrender, Release, Forgiveness, Realisation of Mortality of the Physical Body, Transmutation, Humility.
Direction: NORTH:
Specific Being Knows and Transcends Death.

7. MANIK (Pronounced: ‘MAHN – EEK’)
Hand, Grasping, Closure, Knowledge of the Power of Completion, Gateway, Realisation of the Finiteness of the Physical Body, Beauty, Identification, Dance, Divination, Spiritual Tools, Acting “As If”.
Direction: WEST:
Through Skill, All Things Are Transformed.

Development of Higher Being (Generative)

8. LAMAT (Pronounced: ‘LAH – MAT’)
Star, Harmony, The Octave, Love, Star Seed, Clear Perspective, Intuitive Realisation of the Pattern of Higher Life, Way-show-er.
Direction: SOUTH:
Harmony is Born, Uniting All Things at Once.

Cyclic Family of the WEST: Place of Death and Transformation. Colour: BLACK

9. MULUC (Pronounced: ‘MOO – LOOK’)
Raindrop, Moon, Signals, Awareness, Divine Guidance, Beacon, Signs, Cosmic Seed in the Gate of Awakened Consciousness, Understanding, Principle of Communication and Expansion of Higher Life.
Direction: EAST:
Through the Cosmic Gate, the Creative Seed is Sown.

10. OC (Pronounced: ‘AOK’ or ‘OAK’) 2nd (North) Lens
Dog, Mammilian Brain, Emotional Life, Guide and Principle of Loyalty, Relationships, Guardians and Guides, Breakthrough, New Beginnings, Faithfulness that Gives Strength in the Spiritual Journey.
Direction: NORTH:
Through Loyalty and Faithfulness, the Creative Seed is Guided.

11. CHUEN (Pronounced: ‘CHOO – WEN’)
Monkey, Artist, Trickster, Innocence, Spontaneity, Inner Child, Principle of Intelligent Co-Creation of the Higher Life, Humour, Disruption, Transparency, Empowerment.
Direction: WEST:
Through Artistry, the Creative Seed is Empowered.

12. EB (Pronounced: ‘EB’)
Human, Abundance, Harvest, Open Vessel, Quickening, Chalice, Human as Vessel for Penetration of Higher Mind, Emptiness.
Direction: SOUTH:
The Creative Empowerment Penetrates, Making Fully Human.

Cyclic Family of the SOUTH: Place of Life and Expansion. Colour: YELLOW

13. BEN (Pronounced: ‘BEN’)
Sky-Walker, Pillars of Heaven and Earth, Courage, New Directions, Aspiration for Uniting Heaven and Earth, Time and Space Traveller, Reed, Principle of Growth of Higher Mind, Angelic Messenger.
Direction: EAST:
Descent of the Sky-Walkers.

14. IX (Pronounced: ‘EESH’)
Wizard, Sorcerer, Shaman, Magician, The Jaguar, Feline Energy, Highest Level of Individual Conscious Development, Integrity, Attainment of Magical Powers, The Night Seer, Heart Knowing.
Direction: NORTH:
Star-Born Wisdom of the Magicians.

Development of Higher Being (Fulfilment)

15. MEN (Pronounced: ‘MEN’) THIRD (West) LENS
Eagle, Higher Collective Mind, Hope, Commitment, Belief in Oneself, Planetary Mind and Consciousness, Dreams and Visions, Compassionate service.
Direction: WEST:
Attainment of the Planetary Mind.

16. CIB (Pronounced: ‘KEEB’)
Cosmic Force, Warrior, Grace, Divine Communication, Reception, Trust, Ability to Contact and Commune with Galactic Consciousness, Golden Pillar, Mystic Transmission, Ferryman’s Staff.
Direction: SOUTH:
Reunion with and Embodiment as the Cosmic Force.

Cyclic Family of the CENTRE: Place of Renewal of the Light. Colour: My intuitive guess is ALL COLOURS

17. CABAN (Pronounced: ‘KAH – BAN’)
Earth, Earth Force, Synchronicity, Centredness, Crystal Healing, Shield, Synergy, Power of Intelligent Synchronisation, Fluid World Resonance.
Direction: EAST:
Alignment of Planetary Force.

18. ETZNAB (Pronounced: ‘ETS – NAB’)
Mirror, Hall of Mirrors, Clarity, Ritual Pattern of “No-Time”, Ritual Knife, Ritual Stroke, Sword of Wisdom and True Purification, Timelessness, Facing the Shadow, Spiritual Warriorship, Integration of Paradox.
Direction: NORTH:
Ritual Entrance into Timelessness.

19. CAUAC (pronounced: ‘KAR – WAK’)
Storm, Thunder Cloud and Thunder Being, Purification, Light Body, Transformation that Precedes Full Realisation, Ecstasy of Freedom, Initiation by Fire, Lightening Path, Activation for Ascension, Reunion.
Direction: WEST:
Transformation of Transformation.

20. AHAU (Pronounced: ‘AR – HOW’) (South) LENS
Solar Mind, Sun, Solar Lord, Mastery, Realisation of Solar Body, Wisdom, Knowledge, Ability to Focus Galactic Whole, Wholeness, Union, Ability to Encompass and Generate the Entire Cycle, Crown, Ascension, Language of Light Ecstasy, Limitless BLISS and LOVE.
Direction: SOUTH:
Attainment to the Mind of Light.

Mayan Numbers

Symbol Ray

1st Round 

2nd Round

1. The Pulsation – Ray of Unity.  East North
2. The Pulsation – Ray of Polarity. North West
3. The Pulsation – Ray of Rhythm. West South
4. The Pulsation – Ray of Measure. South East
5. The Pulsation – Ray of the Centre. East North
6. The Pulsation – Ray of Organic Balance. North West
7. The Pulsation – Ray of Mystic Power. West South
8. The Pulsation – Ray of Harmonic Resonance. South East
9. The Pulsation – Ray of Cyclic Periodicity. East North
10. The Pulsation – Ray of Manifestation. North West
11. The Pulsation – Ray of Dissonant Structure. West South
12. The Pulsation – Ray of Complex Stability. South East
13. The Pulsation – Ray of Universal Movement. East North etc

The TZOLKIN represents the bare bones essentials of the radiant energy of the universe or Light Code which is complementary to the Genetic Code, which is represented by the I Ching. While the I Ching is a Genetic Constant, the Tzolkin is the Galactic Constant with its thirteen numbers, twenty symbols and four directional positions. While the combinations of the thirteen numbers and twenty positions or symbols produce the 260 units comprising the entire matrix, the 52 (13 X 4) directional position possibilities are reflected in the pattern unifying the matrix. This is the 52 positions with the black background.

If you look at this pattern you will see that it comprises 26 units on the right side of the central, seventh or Mystic column, and 26 units on the left side of that column, for a total of 52 units. This pattern is “the primary resonant structure common to all processes and systems. It is the visible form of the cosmic code.” This pattern is called “The Loom of Maya”. The seventh, Mystic column is the only one devoid of this pattern because it is the “Unmirrored”, which mirrors all. But there will be more on this Loom of Maya later.


so July 26th 1986 = 7 MULUC (east), & July 30th 1960 = 11 AKBAL (west).

1948: 8 CAUAC (west) 1970: 4 MULUC 1992: 13 CAUAC
1949: 9 KAN (south) 1971: 5 IX 1993: 1 KAN
1950: 10 MULUC (east) 1972: 6 CAUAC 1994: 2 MULUC
1951: 11 IX (north) 1973: 7 KAN 1995: 3 IX
1952: 12 CAUAC (west) 1974: 8 MULUC 1996: 4 CAUAC
1953: 13 KAN (south) 1975: 9 IX 1997: 5 KAN
1954: 1 MULUC (east) 1976: 10 CAUAC 1998: 6 MULUC
1955: 2 IX (north) 1977: 11 KAN 1999: 7 IX
1956: 3 CAUAC (west) 1978: 12 MULUC 2000: 8 CAUAC
1957: 4 KAN (south) 1979: 13 IX 2001: 9 KAN
1958: 5 MULUC 1980: 1 CAUAC 2002: 10 MULUC
1959: 6 IX 1981: 2 KAN 2003: 11 IX
1960: 7 CAUAC 1982: 3 MULUC 2004: 12 CAUAC
1961: 8 KAN 1983: 4 IX 2005: 13 KAN
1962: 9 MULUC 1984: 5 CAUAC 2006: 1 MULUC
1963: 10 IX 1985: 6 KAN 2007: 2 IX
1964: 11 CAUAC 1986: 7 MULUC 2008: 3 CAUAC
1965: 12 KAN 1987: 8 IX 2009: 4 KAN
1966: 13 MULUC 1988: 9 CAUAC 2010: 5 MULUC
1967: 1 IX 1989: 10 KAN 2011: 6 IX
1968: 2 CAUAC 1990: 11 MULUC 2012: 7 CAUAC Galactic 
1969: 3 KAN 1991: 12 IX


Because the Harmonic Module above is a Hologram, it can also be overlayed with many different aspects. For example the 260 Kin or days can be divided into FOUR seasons of 65 days. This will indicate the Directional Guardians for the Beam (Roadway) Lenses, which are as follows:
CHICCHAN for the East (LIKIN)
OC for the North (XAMAN)
MEN for the West (CHIKIN)
AHAU for the South (NOHOL)

There is more information on this Mayan Factor to come.


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