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Fear and The Sorcerers

of Darkness

Excerpt from: ‘Windhorse Woman
– A Marriage of Spirit’

By: Lynn V. Andrews

We sipped tea silently for several minutes. Intermittently, Devi would look at me and smile.

“There are people who will try to hurt you. They come to you looking like flowers, smelling sweet. Never pick those flowers,” Devi finally said.

“But how will I know?”

“These people want to use your power, your energy. They are looking for a line into you. You are very tight, but they look for a hint of fear, of weakness, and that’s where they enter,” she said, studying an area five or six inches away from my head.

“But how?”

“They might say, ‘Be careful in the world, there are people who will try to hurt you.’”

I stared at her, feeling a sudden flash of fear.

“But you just said that.”

“Yes, I did. Maybe I’m trying to kill you.”

Were those claws I suspected going to finally appear, I wondered.

“Evil sorcerers want to have fun. They get bored. They find someone with light and power and they start applying pressure. Then you’re in what they call a sorcerer’s patch. They push your energy field until they find a weak spot and they pick up a line, one of your luminous fibres. They start pulling on it and then they find a way in. Eventually.”

The idea of a sacred book is very common, as it supposedly contains the words of God as given to a prophet in a revelation.

“You are fascinating me and I feel a power in what you say. There’s truth to it. But there are different kinds of truth, aren’t there?”

“Yes. There are truths you get lost in and truths that make you whole. Stick to the latter.”

“So there are really sorcerers of darkness?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, but they must use your energy to function,” Devi said, adjusting her large frame on the small cushion.

“I don’t understand why they have to use my energy – you mean someone’s energy?”

“Yes, a victim. Darkness in this context is only light that has not realised itself. Darkness is born from fear and greed. When you meet a black sorcerer, you meet an extraordinary ego, perhaps well disguised, but nevertheless an ego. That ego has become distorted because of some need, some fear that is so powerful that it produces a kind of greed that turns in on itself. It has a big mouth and destroys its own energy. It eats it and then needs others to fuel its battery. The patriarch, the male-oriented systems have had their chance. They really had a chance and they know they have blown it. A lot of difficult energy you experience now is a death dance." Devi snaked her lovely arms and fingers through the air in a serpentine movement. "The current imbalance on earth has a form and that form wants to survive like anything else. It is afraid of death. So now that energy is taking up a very bizarre strategy to try to win. But, nevertheless, the age of a sacred androgyny is preparing for birth.”

“How do you see that happening?” I had forgotten my fear of this woman. Her words and way of speaking mesmerised me.

“Women as well as men are becoming the power holders in society. We are reinstating feminine consciousness. But this is a time to be extremely careful. Never think that power and freedom will be handed to you on a silver platter.” Devi, with a sudden movement, was on her feet, swaying back and forth like a reed caught in the wind. Then she sank down next to me and blew a sound in my ear that resembled a northern windstorm. “Listen,” she said, “the four winds are your allies. You ride the winds of time. You sweep through the centuries of your lives in the blink of an eye. We have all time and we have no time. Look at the t’anka across the room.” She continued to sway gently and manoeuvre her arms in sylphlike motions. Her fingers appeared to be playing with the air currents from the open window.

As I stared at the image of the White Tara, Devi jumped in front of me and to one side. She moved so deftly, she did not make a sound. Then she stood like a statue staring into my eyes. Again her eye colour seemed to shade into yellow. Carefully she moved her fingers in the air. Her movements were beautiful and purposeful.

“Look at the Tara and tell me what you see.”

I stared at the Tara and began to blink as the image began to float up and out from the wall. Then it began to ripple as if it were made of water. Slowly it began to recede until only a pinpoint of light was visible. There was a tugging sensation in my mid-section and behind my eyes. Then there was a blast of light that encompassed the room and I found myself lying on my back on the floor. Devi was gone and so was the t’anka. I sat up, holding the cushion to my belly, trying to keep from screaming. Moments later the door opened and Devi entered and stood before me.

“Stand,” she said.

I wavered to my feet. Again Devi moved her arms in front of me in motions similar to T’ai Chi. I felt more tugging and then a general release of pressure. A smile returned to Devi’s face and the intensity in the room dissipated. Devi sat down across from me and waited for me to speak.

“What just happened here?” I asked.

“I tricked you. I entered your energy field through your fear line. I literally grabbed it. I made you see what I wanted you to see. Because of your fear of me you gave away your power. I could use it in any way I wanted. That is what a sorcerer does. You think it’s all mysterious, but it’s nothing more than vicious manipulation. A sorcerer is a master of manipulation.”

“But that was very powerful,” I said.

“Yes, manipulating someone takes big smarts. And when sorcerers get results it builds their egos. But it makes enlightenment almost impossible for them.”

“Why is that?”

“Because they mess with someone else’s karmic field. That’s not good.”

“It’s not good to indulge in fear, is it?”

“No, my daughter, it is not good. Fear leaves you as wide open as that field you walked through to get here.”

Printed with permission
By: Lynn V. Andrews


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