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Pure Human Heart

Writings from: Pure Human Heart

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Reflections on Men's Work

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By: Eva Cassidy

The Wisdom 
of an Unopposed Heart

By: Pure Human Heart

The wisdom of an unopposed heart
Flows like honey
And delights all those
Who eat of it.
Let my heart now
Burst forth
In peaceful song.

This song of love is
Unadulterated and pure-
No cracks appear in my song
For no struggle is held there.

I know, with unforced yet
Forceful, total and complete knowing,
That my unopposed heart
Holds all the secrets of life,
That there are no secrets,
No struggle, no pain,
No battle, no striving,
No effort, no loss,
No craving, none of these exist there,
For it is complete and all-knowing
And flowing with love,
Without favour or let up.
The wisdom of an opposed heart
Flows like honey
And all who eat of it
Are delighted.



Please Release Me

By: Pure Human Heart

Please release me let me go.
Songs, songs, songs -
How electrified I've often been,
By the words and music of a song.
Meditating on this
Causes me to realize-
Every experience in this
Amazing, marvellous and sometimes,
Brutal world of ours
Can be transformative.

Then it got better -
Every breath transformative!
Every exchange interaction with whomever -
Plant, animal, human being - is transformative!
I simply need to be conscious, for it to be so.
Play upon my heart,
Dear wonderful minute of life,
And let me be conscious enough
That you transform me.
There is no better way,
Than simply to be awake,
Of this glorious universe
That impounds upon me so.
Music - let the voice of love play on.
All of it!
How this world speaks to us in every way -
Transformative it is -
If we let it be so.



What Do I Want to Write About?

By: Pure Human Heart

What do I want to of
I want to write of
How the sunlight shines upon the trees,
Of the gift of sight,
Of the gift of insight,
Of all the gifts
That enclose us,
And clothe us too.

Of joy in my Heart,
Of these unseen things
That we find within us
You and me,
Dear humanity.

Of those ones inside,
Who inspire us
To be the poets -
The true singers of life
That we are.

In every heart beats the gold of life,
The poetry
That is every cry, every emotion,
There really is no good or bad
Just the ocean of love Ė
The waves of many colours,

The green of jealousy,
Ha! Dear beloved jealousy,
That sweet wine of yesteryear
Today gone bad.

The black of dear ferocious anger,
Bursting ineffectually upon the scene of my life
Scattering all into the four directions
Shattering my heart space as well.
Ha! Dear Ocean of emotion,
You truly do hold every colour
Within your palette.

So the days of good and bad are dwindling down,
As our TV screens depict
The last departing waves of dramas
So forborne by us all.
The drama now leaking out of our lives,
As forbearance, forgiveness and understanding
Grow in crescendo
Till a halo of gold surrounds
Every person, every heart.
So all can witness anotherís agony,
Only now with compassion,
Peace, happiness and joy.

Compassion, peace, happiness and joy,
Break out upon the world now
And those who would stay locked
In the embrace of duality
Are only those few
Who havenít had enough of it.
Who havenít yet discovered the poet,
That dwells in their Hearts.

Those who leak out instead,
As blood upon the ground, and yet it is alright.
The dance of death weíve played out,
And still play out to some degree,
Has had its own attraction for us.

Light breaks out upon the world now.
As we, dear humanity
Welcome a new dawn,
Of a world we havenít invented yet,
But will.


By: Pure Human Heart

At the moment
I am a barricade
Against the light
Of the real me,
Like a hastily thrown up barricade
Across the streets of revolutionary France.

Like this is my personality -
That ego cobbled together
Mass of thoughts and feelings
From my childhood,
Peopled by the voices
And masks of my parents,
Coloured by my childhood experiences
That have left me fearful.

Mistaking myself to be this
Bulwark of gathered self-impressions
Acquired in life,
Mistaking myself for the barricade,
For the personality me,
And living that thing
Has been such a strange experience...
And sometimes, still,
In unguarded moments,
When I contemplate the endless ocean
Lapping at my feet,
Or some other perfection.
I find myself.

My job is to dismantle that barricade
And as I do, I see chinks of light
Shining through,
As I throw off that block to feeling -
That tangled mass of chairs and tables
From the barricade -
It allows more of the real me,
That being of light I am,
To shine on through.

All of Our Strange Journeys

By: Pure Human Heart

No one
may discredit another.
Love one another.
no one may discredit another,
for you do not know
another's journey-
simply regard it with
Wonder at its difficulty,
wonder at its uniqueness,
wonder at its peculiarity...
wonder at it all,
and judge it not,
nor the other.
Love them.
Love them instead
and admire their bravery
and courage
to do it at all.
All of our strange journeys,
so indecipherable to others
but our greatest treasures-
our learnings, our fulfilment...
And if others judge you,
wonder at their temerity
to be able to judge
and love them their judgement.
Never will that judgement harm you
if you can simply
embrace it
and embrace them
in love,
and in so doing,
they may wonder
at your capacity to do so.

Reflections on Men's Work

The Castle In My Mind

By: Pure Human Heart

There's a castle in my mind.
An awesome castle full of armoured knights
Accoutred in their armour, swords by their sides,
Sprawled on castle steps and battlements -
Fast asleep- heads lolling against the stonework,
Dust over everything.
Asleep on beds and by tables in the yard,
The king on his throne fast asleep.
They are all so fast asleep !

Reading the words written on the insides of their eyelids,
What message lies there stalking your unconscious brains?
Grand men are these of times gone by
And grand men will they be again,
When other weapons will they wield, 
In another time and place.
Grand weapons, non- weapons - words instead,
Words of feeling, words of grace, 
Wielded from their heart-space, 
Knowing what it takes to be a man.
For they have been there,
And so they know
Just to love is all.

Arise, awaken knights of old
There's a new world to be taught. 
No longer the need to fight and defend,
Your shining armour now
Is the light upon your face
Just the heart light now, 
The light upon your face,
With which to tend the world

The Birth Of Ourselves

(Reflections from a Men's Gathering)

By: Pure Human Heart

Each man in the circle takes his turn,
As the inspiration comes to him,
To stand and say-( for example )
"I stand for love.
I have been seeking to love
All my life but now I know
I need not seek outside myself
So here today
I stand for love."

And the next man, inspired, stands and says-
"I stand for resoluteness
To honour that in Mankind
and to project a new vision of resolution.
For we as men no longer need
To hold on in the absence of hope,
In desperation.
Instead I stand for the new quality
Of seeking and finding resolution
knowing I can resolve inner conflict."

And so it continues
With each man standing to affirm
A new quality within himself
That is being birthed today
Until each man has made his statement.
All these qualities then-
The individual learning
Of these men's' journeying,
Thus together contributing to
What it is to be a man.

to the Men 1

By: Pure Human Heart

Ha, those men!
Those giants of my childhood,
Whose gnarled and large hands
Used to fascinate me,
And are now me!
Yes me and my contemporaries
People the world now-
Not shadows moving through the world
As it used to seem to the child me,
But the men I now know and see-
Shrunk to real size.
Not giants any more -
Just men like me...
I inhabit the men now,
Contending with the inner feelings
That cloak and groke the real men.
Living the life I used to see
Those past men living -
Those shambling monsters,
Shaken by inner rages,
Driven by inner demons.
I could only see the outer man.
So surprising to feel today,
Those forces in me,
They were contending with
In their own way.

to the Men 2

By: Pure Human Heart

To be among you men now
Is such an honour
For this child grown into a man,
And yet the child is still there,
Sometimes still overawed
By this world of men
He's stumbled into.
I see you living your lives
Parts of which you share with me,
In tales of your lives.
Like a smoke-screen
Across my life you walk,
Gentle men,
And yet still
Unintelligible to me
Why and where you walk
As you do. 
Let me see the forces that drive you
And my child will be there too
To wonder at your willing ways.

The Hidden Strength

By: Pure Human Heart

I rejoice in men
In their contrariness as much as their other strengths.
I rejoice in men supporting men to be,
All that they can be.
I rejoice when they don't make a sound,
Because that is their choice,
Men come from some kind of strength,
That I'm just learning about.
Its a something that's like an unsurprised prize fighter,
Nothing seems to be happening,
When those heavy blows land,
But there is, there is something there!
I'm surprised by men, by their awesome strength,
That doesn't seem to be there,
But then there it is,
Or sometimes that strength is never seen,
And that man, or that one, passes
To his grave unseen - his power unseen.

This is a hymn to men,
But also I want to include the
Forgotten men,
Who live on in ignominy or silence -
They too hold the world
Upon their shoulders,
These lovely men that some women know not of,
For they haven't the patience to wait and see,
And even if they see nothing,
To know and love the unseen
Strength and love that is there -
To try and try and not to yield -
Even if nothing seems to have been achieved,
Because there is something there
That defies explanation.
I sing of the unknownness of men
And I've sung enough .

Thank you sooo much Pure Human Heart for sharing this with me and all those that come to this page. My love, gratitude, and respect of you is immeasurable.


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