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Sitting Owl's thoughts in February 2011

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I awoke this morning feeling quite disappointed; disappointed in the vast majority of my human relations. Many of the brothers and sisters I walk this Earth Walk with have lost their connection with and/or dedication to Great Spirit, God, or whatever you wish to call the highest power of the universe, but I guess I can be thankful for the few that have not.

Of course this is only my opinion and I am aware that everything is happening as it needs to, but what I am experiencing and seeing is many people I know, some who consider themselves 'spiritual', spending a lot of time, consciousness, and energy on frivolous fears, desires, and social duties as opposed to following their 'BLISS' (see Joseph Campbell's Quote on the home page).

As I sit to write this I have so many thoughts and things I want to say racing around that it is difficult for me to get it out and I'm sure some would think I should just leave it inside or bury it and hide it from everyone. I can even hear some saying it is just my own shit and I should deal with it.

For those who are spending a lot of time on their computer, they are mostly playing facebook application games; sharing desirous or emotional videos and music videos; and chatting about unimportant rubbish. Again it is just my opinion and many people don't consider my opinion as being worthy of consideration; after all I'm spending quite a lot of time on the computer too, and it is beginning to feel like it is wasted time, but I know in my heart and soul that I must continue to do whatever I can to help awaken my human brothers and sisters about what is important; Spirit.

I am disappointed that I have put a lot of work into creating and maintaining a spiritual forum only to find that most people are too busy with facebook and having fun to participate in spiritual discussions on my forum. I have also noticed that a lot of people even go to spiritual gatherings as a fun and social event. I grant you that we are very social beings and getting together and sharing experiences is an important part of being human, but these social events must be meaningful in connecting the physical forms (our bodies) with Spirit.

The forum was created as a place where people can share their connection with Spirit and discuss the things that really matter; sharing and gaining more understanding of Spirit and the many forms and rituals we can use to manifest and experience Spirit that the mind can only analyse and think about. This sort of sharing is very important, for as the great Holy Man Fools Crow has said: "The survival of the world depends upon our sharing what we have and working together. If we don't, the whole world will will die. First the planet, and next the people... The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away medicine secrets are always those who know the least." And I would like to add that those who ask for money in return as a condition for sharing their knowledge also know the least.

I am also disappointed with the way our social system treats its people and the injustices that happen, but this is based on my personal experiences that I won't go into here; I'll just say that my van is still off the road. But I will say that stating the situation to 'the authorities' is all we can do; if we fight them we just end up in battle. I think I have mentioned the tug-of-war before; and no war can be won by waging war; as much as I'm tempted to fight for my rights and the rights of others as I see suffering at the hands of 'the system'. I'll just continue to state my case and turn the other cheek I guess. And I'll continue to do my best to live my Bliss as an Earth Person and share my experiences and what I have learnt about life from them.


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