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Thunder Speaks

Carving and Artwork 

By: Gary James (Black Bear)

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By: Cody Sunbear Blackbird
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I want to tell you a story; a true story told to me by Black Bear aka Gary James. The story began just before 1999. As Black Bear was looking out his window at a thunderstorm he saw a Thunderbird cloud with lightning streaking from its tail. As that streak of lightning struck a tree he knew that it was a message from Great Spirit and the Thunder Beings. Knowing his own gifts he saw a way to share that message with the rest of the people of Canada. So he got the necessary permissions to carve the shattered trunk of that tree and so in 1999 ‘Thunder Speaks’ was born.

I first saw photos of Thunder Speaks when I sponsored Black Bear to come out to Australia to participate in some of the Spiritual Gatherings that were happening. I got to know him very well over that time and his next visit a year later. We shared many gifts, teachings, ceremonies and songs.

We have kept in touch from time to time via email ever since and I was surprised with the recent reply I got from my email wishing Black Bear blessings for his birthday anniversary. The following is his reply:

And as tradition is, I do by giving a gift of a poem and a link that is related to it.
It [the poem] is on your website I think but this is a personal one to you.
It was written after the last time I was over [there] and I came home to camp by a spring fed stream with the salmon in their spring run.

The picture is of Thunder Speaks it was unveiled to the public by the head of Indian affairs Canada, Jane Stewart. A picture was taken of her and then taken into Photoshop to become a different form of artwork. The Thunderbird cloud with the lightning streaking off its wing is what happened to the tree as lightning hit the tree as I stood looking out the window before it was carved in 1999.

Have it printed on high quality Silver nitrate photographic paper and it will come to life.
Print as many as you like; maybe even some special post cards?
Sell them or ask for a donation for each one; all proceeds to Mr Sitting Owl for helping to keep a good Sweat going!!!

The original carving of 
'Thunder Speaks'
as it was unveiled to the public by the head of Indian affairs Canada,
Jane Stewart


From the earth we have eaten 
Before we were born
From mother earth into mother 
Our bodies
Our first breath given 
by trees
Their leaves
The breath of life
I give thanks 
the roots
that run deep
Without and within me
Mothers Many helpers


The finished Photoshop
artwork with 
Thunderbird streaks

Why the forest needs the salmon

Of course the pictures here have been compressed for the website and the originals are of much better quality, so make a donation and contact me for a copy. Don’t forget to allow for postage and handling costs.

'Manyhelpers' is another carving by Gary James (Black Bear) that I think might still be for sale (see it on my page of Black Bear's Carvings), contact him and ask; who knows he may even be willing do something on a commission basis.

So from this unconditional gift to Black Bear from Great Spirit and the Thunder Beings; then gifted to the people of Canada; reworked and gifted to Sitting Owl; I, Sitting Owl, offer it to you all and ask for a donation to help keep the sacred hoop and unconditional gift of life turning.


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