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The Trail of Dreams

By: Auntie Minnie Mace

Address to the U.N. 2009

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Greetings from the Aboriginal People of Australia, formally known as Pamanyungan.

May the spiritual ancestors and people of Turtle Island receive our fond respect, carried by the call for peace and empowered by Divine Justice and Truth.

My name is Auntie Minnie Mace; Elder of the Koa people of South East Queensland (the Butterfly is our Dreaming Totem). I am very honoured to have met representatives of 'The Trail of Dreams', as divine arrangement guided them to our land. As the members of this Dream team explained their purpose to us we were 'Gob smacked' (awestruck) to say the least.

On the family tree of Humanity, our branch is watched over and protected by Baiame, our Spirit Father, whose little Benewah, means 'high up' or 'over all'. On arrival here eons ago, from the spirit world of Marin-Djiran-Gamad, Baiame and the spiritual ancestors were met by the Great Gods of the universe, who witnessed the placing of this land under the hand of Baiame, so that he might embody his spirit children in the flesh, and that they may strengthen under the laws of cause and effect. The spirit children, on reaching their potential, would then join those ancestors in the heavens, who had kept watch over them whilst in their earth bodies. This is a small glimpse into the Dreamtime of our arrival here. We have survived for over 60,000 years; due to our understanding of the natural order of the universe.

Culture is the outward expression of our inner spiritual growth, whether it be individually or collectively as a community. During the past 200 years the harmony and peace enjoyed by our ancestors has been  eroded by anger and hatred, which is thriving along coastal areas. In contrast, the majority of the traditional people, who live further from the coast, still retain their inner peace and happiness because they remain in harmony with nature. Anger and hatred seems to stem from embracing the worst of the newcomers' cultural practices, which sadly includes drugs and alcohol. This in turn tends to weaken us spiritually as a people. At this time the world appears to be afflicted by the 'My dad is bigger than your dad syndrome'. All people must turn to the nurturing of their particular branch of the family tree of humanity, thus reinforcing pride in their spiritual and cultural heritage. For at the very top of the tree the Supreme Father of us all will provide all our needs when approached in prayer.

May the Ancestors of all nations carry our prayers for peace and ask for blessings for those wonderfully humble and enlightened people who have laboured for years to give birth to the concept of 'The Trail of Dreams'.

This message is dedicated to the memory of Auntie Maureen Watson, fondly known to family and extended family members as 'Nanna Mook', who will always be loved and respected by all who knew her. She was a supremely proud aboriginal woman and a teacher of teachers. She was awarded the inaugural United Nations Association Global Leadership Prize for her outstanding work achieving cross cultural understanding and harmony.

A Prayer For The World:

Great Eternal Mother and Father, we have beheld the world with all its suffering and misery, and we have beheld the evil, which seems to triumph. The good, for the most part, have surrendered to their despair and hopelessness in a world stripped of spiritual truths. We have seen the greedy gathering wealth unto themselves, becoming bigger and fatter at the expense of others; we have seen the poor and needy in their despair wander the streets. There are people facing life and death without knowing the reasons why; with messed up minds and in despair they are turning to drugs for comfort; beautiful people with their minds ruined by a world lacking in understanding.

Let those to whom the Gods have revealed the truth make this truth to grow so that the world may be illuminated by it; and that the children of the future may live in happiness, in the knowledge of this truth. May the Great Gods help this world to triumph over the evil that has befallen it.

Thank you very much for sharing that here Auntie Minnie; may we all find that harmony with nature and within as soon as possible, because it really does make a difference to our reality when we perceive through a harmonious consciousness.


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