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Music By: The Dreamcatchers

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By: The Dreamcatchers
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The Dreamcatchers

- Self Titled Album

By: The Dreamcatchers

This group that includes my very good friend Sarah is an amazing mix of music that I find hard to define in any category, but if I had to I guess I would classify it as ballad, but some are best classified as popular. There are some great songs here and most have a good message. The ones Sarah wrote have quite a story behind them. 

It is my honour and pleasure to plug this album here. I suspect there will be more to come as I have heard them in concert and they have quite few more songs that are not on this album; and they are all good. You may find that as you visit other pages of this website there are some other tracks from this album.

Available for purchase NOW from

Via Sarah
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Keep watching as Sarah says that they just cut a new album before Christmas 2012.

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