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Victorian Bush Fires 2009

- Sitting Owl sharing his thoughts and prayers.

Also see 'Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, and Storms'

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Here is something written by a friend:

"I have mentioned the speed of the year as being supersonic, and now I see the operative word is "unprecedented". This word is used to describe events and circumstances relating to our Saturnian world view in all its myriad forms. Unprecedented monetary collapse, unprecedented election results, unprecedented weather, etc etc. This word takes into account the extremes that we are witnessing, and yesterday was an extreme example of unprecedented weather, with the temperature rising to 48 degrees (115F) at Avalon, and Geelong and Melbourne experiencing only a degree less with the ferocious wind feeling like a blast furnace, and the country devastated by loss of life, habitat and housing.

"Meanwhile the Northern part of the country is being deluged with extreme flooding. We have a polarity of fire and flood, and in the meantime, on a global scale, while we endure relentless heat, America and Europe are gripped by severe cold. I think you will have realized that we are experiencing extreme polarization on multi levels. It would seem that planet Earth is having trouble maintaining her equilibrium in the face of enormous change. I think the best thing to do is to maintain your own equilibrium in even the most challenging situations because, I think, the world is a mirror, and our consciousness creates reality......which as you develop you see things reflecting back with greater and greater speed. I think this dimension of reality is breaking up, to make way for a new synchronistic, telepathic, higher vibration of reality. It feels like an egg with the shell cracking to get to the yolk within, which sounds pretty exciting in the bigger picture. So having said all that, "Don't worry, be happy," go with the flow, as best you can, and spend more time going into your inner space where you can access and journey in your own unique Spiritual realm."

Namaste' All

When saying prayers for all those lost in the fires, remember that we as the human tribe are reaping what we have sown. We, as humans, have used and abused the sacred Element Fire with all manner of war and weapons (Fire Arms), not to mention the other elements. We all need to make the changes of consciousness NOW so that this and other sorts of things donít happen in the future. I may sound a little callous, but I can assure you I am feeling the losses as much as anyone and am saying my own prayers for all the Tree People and other Plant People; the Creepy Crawlies; the Four Legged People; the Swimmers; the Winged People; the Stone and Mineral People as well as all us Two Legged People, not only for those who have given up their robe (body) but also those who are left to suffer the scars, the clean up and repair. My prayers ask that those who rebuild do so with a new and harmonious consciousness; not the usual materialistic rebuilding of what was. This has been a massive cleansing; an opportunity to start a fresh new way of living in harmony with ĎAll Our Relationsí.
Aho Mitukuye Oyasin.

To explain a bit more

Many people are saying that some of these fires have been deliberately lit and that that makes it mass murder, but you forget that when cleansing is needed Great Spirit works through man as much as through nature; the two are interconnected and that is what everyone needs to understand; there is no separation between God and man; God and nature; or man and nature; we are all one. Separation is just the illusion of the physical realm. Yes, it is unfortunate that when cleansing happens it cleans everything; innocent and guilty alike. There have been a number of people caught and convicted of this offence in the past and yet it still happens. The government and manís laws canít fix the problem; money canít fix the problem; Mass Murder maybe, but you obviously watch too much T.V., and are influenced by the media with ĎSocial Dutyí

Our Western Society is good at looking for someone to blame for any problems so that we can punish that person, and that is supposed to make us feel better and hopefully fix the problems in the future by eliminating the responsible person and discouraging others from doing the same thing. But you all forget the interconnectedness and interdependency that is the one life that Black Elk spoke about in sharing his vision (see 'An Excerpt of Black Elk's Vision' below). We are all one; read 'Chief Seattle's Letter of 1852' at the bottom of the philosophy page. We are all to blame for any disaster as well as any miracle, and in taking responsibility for my part I am here sharing what I know so that it might help in the future.

When Fire or any of the elements come to make a cleansing there is no escape, it will take the innocent with the guilty. I live with the risk of some idiot lighting a fire near here and if so I doubt I would have a chance as I have no clearing and no fire shelter on my land. The only sort of shelter that may work would be a shipping container buried quite a few metres below the earth and then if you didnít cook like a hungi (underground oven) you might suffocate from lack of oxygen. In the last fires in the Grampians the fire was so hot it altered the chemical structure of some of the rock. I was safe from the fires; I wasnít close at all, but if a fire did come here I would probably be lucky to get out and if I couldnít get out I would have to accept that it was my time to give my robe (body) back to Mother Earth and rejoin Great Spirit in the realm of non-duality. In this physical realm of duality everything is both Good and Evil, Spirit and Matter etc. (See my article: Duality and the Order of Life and Energy It is our own choice as to which of the two we see, or to see both, but locking on to one opposite makes the other invisible or at least very difficult to see.

These are good cleansing fires and has given people the opportunity to experience something Iíve been saying for a long time; we the two legged people donít need money, we only need food, shelter and love; and none of them need to be fancy. If we do have fancy food or fancy shelter we miss out on the love. Now that some of these people have been forced to be happy with the most basic of food and shelter there is plenty of love, and that is true compassionate love, nothing fancy. I only hope that they all learn that lesson and continue living with basic food, shelter and love, but I think that some will simply get their insurance money and rebuild what they had if not fancier with fancy safety bunkers or something and will go back to the loveless life as before.

How much must we suffer before we realise what the indigenous people have always known, that our intellect is not the greatest power there is, and that we only need basic food, shelter and love. The ancients, Ancestors† and indigenous people also knew that we must firstly have is a good relationship with Great Spirit/God or whatever you call the highest power. Only when this relationship is good can we concentrate on the second most important relationship, that with our Self, as many sages have said "Know thy Self". Then the third most important relationship is with friends and family. And finally, if we have any conscious effort left after those relationships are good and strong can we concentrate on our relationship with ĎAll Our Relationsí. (see Mitakuye Oyasin).

Also the ancestors knew that the harmonious order in which everyone works together doing things is: Firstly all the Hunting and Gathering; all the jobs of obtaining, preparing and cleaning etc whatever is needed. If all that is done then we can work on and participate in the proper Ceremonies; guided by the Shamans and Medicine People. When that is all done to the satisfaction of everyone and Spirit, the last stage of Song and Dance will be wholesome and fulfilling for everyone. All too often I see people wanting the Song and Dance without putting any effort into the others, and that is one of the reasons why we have problems with drugs, alcohol and crime. Another reason is because our society has forgotten the importance of the 'Rites of Passage' (see the pages on 'Rites of Passage' and the article: 'Rites of Passage and Rites of Passage Gone Wrong. The spiritual gatherings that have been going on in Aust. since 1999 to bring into fruition the vision of old Black Elk, who saw that his sacred hoop of his nation (tribe) was one of many interconnected and interdependent hoops. It is interesting that this year, the worst fire year ever, and on March 11th to 15th I am playing a major part in organising such a gathering for the Yorta Yorta Nation People and their land near the Murray River. If any of you are interested in attending this gathering please contact me and let me know. All the information you will need is on  my Coming Events page.

Here is something shared to me from the same friend as above:

"This is a most auspicious time for healing the land,†in this time of extremes on our planet. One of the best ways of regaining the balance is through maintaining your own equilibrium,† especially in a group where the energy is intensified, and especially in a Sacred Space with Indigenous Elders......According to Barbara Hand Clow, it is these gatherings that are so important in the healing of the planet. To quote from her: "The increasing ecofeminist, Earth centred communities and households along with renewed ceremonial events at sacred sites around the world that create contact with indigenous people and their wisdom are grounding the new energy form. These holistic people have created a growing feeling that we truly could live in peace and harmony"

[Sitting Owl's emphasis]

An excerpt of Black Elk's vision

Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all,
and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world.†
And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and understood more than I saw;
for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit,
and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being . . .

And I say the sacred hoop of my people was one of the many hoops†
that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight,
and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree
to shelter all the children of one mother and one father.
And I saw that it was holy . . .

But anywhere is the center of the world.

OGLALA SIOUX, 1863-1950


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